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The Magic of The New Moon…

Posted on: April 7th, 2016 by Janet Hensenne-Rosiak

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This Thursday, April 7th there will be a Super New Moon in the sign of Aries.

What does that mean for you?

This year is about realigning with our true selves, resetting internally so that we are able to make the bold decisions that our hearts and souls have been asking for…perhaps crying out for.

It’s time to act upon the choices we’ve been afraid of making for far too long.

The “safe” stuck place is familiar, but no longer as comfortable as it once was.

We are no longer content with the “old” limiting way of being. Playing small, staying quiet, being less than we are in our fullness of Spirit is no longer enough. If you’ve felt a strong push and pull to step into the empowered place of letting go and owning your choices from a Conscious perspective, you are not alone.

We’ve outgrown our old paradigm & our pasts.

It’s impossible to go back.

It’s time for change.

This Super New Moon energy supports all New Beginnings and Aries, a fire sign, has the confidence and power to help you make the choices that follow your own unique authentic heart, leading the way even if it separates you from the beliefs of the masses. This moon’s energy is supercharged and gives you the space to make courageous choices from your soul’s desires, allowing your spiritual evolution to unfold and your lives to become filled with clarity, abundance & joy.

This is a trail-blazing energy, one that can help you break through the fears & doubts that have been keeping you from taking new paths that once seemed too daunting to even attempt. Embrace this energy and claim the wisdom & courage to truly step into your most brilliant future!

New Moon Ceremony:

This simple ritual will help you to harness the power of the New Moon and ability to open to the possibility of new beginnings, whether it’s a new career, a professional goal, a new way of thinking or being, personal expression, relationships or spiritual clarity. All dreams & desires are up for claiming!

Magical Tools:

~ One candle (any size, shape, color)

~ Pen & Paper

~ An Open Heart

~ Your Imagination

Creating Sacred Space:

Sit in a quiet space, in a comfortable relaxed position with lights dimmed.

Be still. Breathe.

Allow your mind to clear. If thoughts enter in simply allow them to pass through.

Just observe them. No judgment, no effort.


The Ceremony:

Light the candle and invite your imagination to come out and play.

Go within, beyond the fear of the unknown and into your place of trust in the Divine.

If that is not so easy to do…just use your imagination. 🙂

Gazing into the soft light of the candle, allow its illumination to awaken your soul’s desires and bring clarity to your vision of your future.

What you like to do? How would you like to feel?

What would you like to change? To heal? To transform? To create?

Who do you want to be?

Now write down 3 intentions for the upcoming lunar cycle.

1. One goal that is easy to accomplish.

2. One that you are in the middle of and want to move forward on.

3. One that stretches your comfort zone.

(you may have more goals than 3, but choose the ones that speak most loudly or clearly to you as your New Moon Power Goals)

Now let your imagination take flight!!!

Spend however long you choose on each intention.

Really imagine what it feels like as you contemplate these intentions being realized.

Allow yourself to play with possibilities of how they will come to fruition.

Imagine joyfully telling someone about how you accomplished ____________.

Play in the space of it already being done.

Now write it down. (feel free to draw/color, add pictures/images)

When you are finished, read your words out loud.

Then thank the Moon for her beautiful illumination.

You can carry this magic into everyday life by lighting a candle each morning and imagining your intentions, dreams & desires already realized. 🙂

With Much Light, Love & Gratitude,

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