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My Gift to you
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Services & Programs

“When you come to the edge of all the light you have known, and are about to step out into darkness. Faith is knowing one of two things will happen; There will be something to stand on, or you will be taught to fly.” ~ Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Whether you are just taking the first step in awakening to your Divine Path or are already deep into the sparkling, adventure-filled Journey, you can Reclaim your Magnificence, Embrace your Magic and live a truly joyful, juicy, inspired life.  It’s absolutely possible.    In fact, that’s been the plan all along.

More Healing.  More Joy.  More Freedom.  More Magic.  More Miracles.  You.

I designed these powerful programs especially for you because I’ve been where you are, and I remember how often I longed for a guide, a mentor…someone who had walked the path ahead of me and already discovered the secrets and tools for easy, graceful transformation…Someone who knew how to find true purpose, awaken the gifts within, dance down the path, and remember who we really are with absolute delight, instead of struggling with doubts, fears and resistance.

Guess what?  I’ve become her.
Ready to spread your wings?  It’s time to fly!!


Individual Mentorship~VIP Programs  |  Group Programs~Classes  |   Mystical Realms~Spiritual Readings




Janet works with a limited number of individuals each year who are ready to take the leap and really commit to truly transforming their lives…to letting go of the old stories, banishing fears and breaking through all limitations.  Her greatest passion (and delight!) is supporting and  guiding them as they step into finding who they truly are and embracing their joyful power & brilliant Spirit, using her unique signature system, “Awakening the Magic” along with a multitude of other processes and techniques.

There are various Private Program levels, depending upon individual goals and “place on the Awakening Path.”   No worries dear souls.  In case you were wondering, there will always be one that is one would be perfect for you and Janet will help you discover it! (…And if you are still in search of your path, purpose, gifts & more, she will joyfully show you the way.:))

Each program is individually created and may include a combination of profound 1:1 work, regular training/coaching calls, participation in select retreats/classes, personalized home programming, time proven techniques/activities, and inspirational gems customized to each person’s exclusive needs.

All programs include a deep degree of soul-level partnership and compassionate support, along with a Divinely guided blend of ancient, quantum and intuitive methods and techniques, and of course…a healthy dose of sparkly fun, magic and yes, even miracles!

If you think you may be ready to commit to an experience that will send your Spirit Soaring and your Heart Singing, Click Here to request more information or apply for a Personal Consultation.


Imagine what you could do with a whole day (or 2!) devoted entirely to you…

What amazing Magic & Miracles could you create???!!

Choose from 1 or 2 amazing spirit-filled days, in a safe, sacred space, with Janet (and your unseen friends & spiritual support team!) entirely to yourself, completely immersed in your goals, hopes & dreams. Give yourself the gift of taking a breath, focusing on what matters, finding your own personal map and opening the doorway to profound, lasting change & transformation. Awaken your Inner Sparkle & Magnificence!

Whether you want to open your intuitive channels, heal your heart & soul, break through blocks, find Divine guidance or manifest a dream…whatever you desire, this one of a kind experience provides the personal attention, wisdom and expertise to make it happen fast.

At the end of this amazing day, you will leave with a full heart and joyful spirit.  You will be changed forever, moving forward with new insights, hope and excitement. You will also take with you an individually crafted home program with exciting VIP tools selected just for you, to keep the beautifully awakened magic flowing!

There are a limited number of these days available, so Click Here to set up an Awakening the Magic Consultation to find out if this experience is right for you!




Join with other “Light-Minded” beings to learn, grow & transform in joyful, supportive, Spirit-filled community…(includes but not limited to):

Click Here to request information on upcoming events.


* Scientific Hand Analysis Readings are also now offered ~ Learn your Life Purpose, Life, School, Life Lesson, ‘Blindspot’, Gifts and More…It’s all right there in your hands!  Contact Janet for more info:  https://awakeningthemagic.com/secure/connect/


* Mystical/Spiritual Readings

Acting as a channel for Divine Guidance; Communicating with Loved Ones on the “Other Side”; Working with the Angelic and Elemental Realms; Connecting w/Soul Wisdom…                                        
~Individual/Group Readings, Personal Mentorship & Group Trainings available.

“I am truly blessed and it is with great joy and honor that I act as a bridge between Heaven and Earth, and all of the Mystical Realms, assisting others in opening their hearts, minds and beings to all that is within and around us. We are brilliant Spirits in human bodies.  We are so much more than we know.  We are Loved.  We are Forever.  We are never alone.”💜 ~ Janet


If you would like more information or to schedule an Awakening the Magic Consultation CLICK HERE »

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