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My Gift to you
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The Results

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.  Who looks outside, dreams.
Who looks inside awakens.”   ~ Anais Nin

Here are just a few of the wonder-full experiences and results that heart-centered seekers have experienced working with Janet…

“I came to Janet hoping to find clarity about my life’s purpose and to live more fully and joyfully. I was feeling a little lost, as if I was existing rather than living. During our work together I awakened to my life’s core purpose…acceptance. It brought me to tears it was so profound. I also experienced the deep impact of shifting core beliefs that were holding me back. I even saw changes in family members…generational hurts were healed.  Janet helped me become much more in touch with my intuition and I now trust my “gut.”  I see those “gut moments” as gifts from the Universe and Creator. I have learned how to step into my spirit. I have so loved every minute of working with her…she has changed my life in a very profound way.”  ~ Jill Gromen, Haddon Heights, NJ

“When I started to work with Janet, I was holding onto sadness and afraid of everything. I had no confidence. I was hoping to find a way to allow my heart to begin to open again. I wanted to reconnect with God. I needed to find the courage and confidence that I could live on my own. Janet inspired me to believe in myself and taught me how to take my power back. I now know that I can create the life I want, and she has given me the tools I needed to do it. With her help, I’ve let go of so much. I’ve remembered that happiness has to come from within and I have that power. I can help myself get where I want to go on my own. It feels so good taking action and just letting things fall into place.  It’s so freeing! I am moving into a new future now – a new home, new career prospects and a completely new outlook. My heart has begun to heal and I am excited about life once again!”
~ Jeannie M., Tutor, Ocean Ridge, FL

“Janet’s work is truly magical. She has a keen sense of intuition and creates a sacred space where I always feel safe and at ease while fast positive change takes place. I love finding more of who I am and releasing blocks and beliefs that no longer serve me. Her sessions empower me to feel wonderful and have enhanced my healing powers and confidence. Janet is an awesome and wise teacher. She knows exactly what her clients and students need at all times. Thanks to her, I now feel good about being psychic! “~ Veronica Parker, Healer, Teacher, Coach, Voorhees, NJ

“Janet has been a wonderful speaker at my organization for several years. “Signs from our Loved Ones” is one of the most popular events we host for families of organ and tissue donors. She shares her knowledge with enthusiasm and deep compassion. She is patient, caring and so genuine in all of her interactions with those in attendance.  Months later, I still hear from families how they continue to remember her words and inspiration…”~ Lara S. Moretti, LSW, CT, Supv. Family Support Services at Gift of Life Donor Program, Philly, PA

“Janet, when I attended your seminar with my cousin’s wife @ the Gift of Life, I was changed by you.  My cousin passed away 2 years ago. But more recently I lost my Aunt, on February 23rd 2008. I miss her beyond all comprehension. I think I feel her with me but I always thought I was crazy. Until now!!!! Thank you for opening our eyes!!!” ~ S., Gift of Life Family Donor Member, Philadelphia, PA

“If someone told me I could have one wish it would have been to talk with my Dad one more time. Janet, you made that come true. Having you pass on his words to me was a gift I never thought I could have. I could feel his presence in every fiber of my body. You told me things only he would know and passed on his witty words in his very special way. Thank you doesn’t seem enough, but it’s all I have. Your gift has touched me so deeply and helped me come to terms with things I may never have done otherwise.  You truly are an angel here on earth.” ~ Patricia G.,Voorhees, NJ

“Janet, working with you has truly changed my life. I have an inner peace that I never felt before. The happiness and joy I now experience daily speak for me much greater than any words can. I’ve even experienced my very own miracle…I touched my toes for the first time in my life. (I am 37).  No words can describe the immense joy that I felt! Why so important? It means I am on the right path to pursuing my dream career as a yoga teacher…I believe in miracles now and I am forever grateful.”
~ Leigh Ann B., OTR/L (now Yoga Instructor:)), Hamilton, NJ

“Janet lives in the Matrix! I’ve witnessed her change matter simply through loving intent ~ She’s amazing!”~ Jackie Queally, Spiritual Writer/Poet & Tour Guide Galway, Ireland

“Whenever I set out on a new business venture or project I never set out without a plan of action and strategies. Success also depends on your ability to align your whole mind, body, and spirit with your vision and intentions. Sometimes there are blocks that hold us back that we may be totally unaware of. This is where Janet’s expertise has helped me tremendously. She helps me get rid of those blocks that are interfering with my plan thus creating more space to receive and succeed. I don’t know how it works but it does and I am grateful.”
~ Cookie Tuminello, CEO of Success Source, LLC; Author/Coach, Lafayette, LA

P.S. I have just signed the contract to be the Keynote Speaker for the Women’s Council of Greater Baton Rouge’s Women’s Week Kick Off Luncheon. YEA!! (a sell out crowd of 400 women) That’s where I will launch my book “Climbing the ladder to Success in High Heels”!

“Ok, now you have completely blown me away! I get it now. This is the new energy and there are no limits (and no limiting beliefs…unless we choose them). Woo Hoo!”
~ V.K.W., ThetaHealer®, Cochranville, PA

“I’ve really enjoyed working with and learning from Janet. I felt so at ease with her and she actually made letting go of my fears fun. I finally slept easily in the dark, alone last night and believe the work we did contributed to my newfound courage. She awakened in me a real sense of hope.”
~ Elizabeth G., Deptford, NJ

“My time with Janet has brought to light many issues and patterns I did not even realize existed.  I’m stunned by shifts that I’ve experienced…ones I did not even think were possible.”
~ K.R., Reflexologist, Author, Tennessee

“Janet, I wanted to thank you again for the light and strength you helped awaken in me. Things have been intense the last few weeks, but no matter how crazy things seem to get on the surface, I feel a deep inner peace that transcends the surrounding madness. Working with you inspired me to discover my true purpose, and becoming a healer has changed my world…Thank you.”
~ Jacqueline W., ThetaHealer®, Phoenix, AZ 

“Janet, I wanted to tell you that I feel so wonderful, beyond explanation. I feel like my confidence is not only back, but much greater than I’ve ever felt it before.”
~ Timea L., Reiki Practitioner, Counselor, North Carolina

“Janet taught me that I always have choices.  As I face any struggle, I know that love is the way and am now able to allow that to lift my heart, mind, body and spirit.  Even in difficult times, that is always available to me and I now know how to claim it. Really “getting” this has been life-changing. As I relax and step out of the drama, the whole world responds. I am no longer “stuck” in any situation or fear of “old stories” recurring. I no longer take on other people’s emotions or negative energy. I am free and choose positive relationships without guilt! Instead of being exhausting and overwhelming, life is now easier and I am so much happier.” ~ J.G., NJ

“Meeting you showed me God was sending me a message to keep faith in myself and in God.”
~ J.O., Philadelphia, PA 

“For the first time in a long time I feel my power coming back. It is safe to be here. Janet helped me realize that the point of power is always in the present moment. Now if I start to spiral down, I can turn it around, feel a sense of peace and move into gratitude and possibility. Janet’s ability to see the healing inside of me even when I was not able to meant everything and opened the doorway for me to heal myself and my life. She helped me remember how to smile and laugh and just feel good again. It feels really wonderful to have found my direction in life after so long without it. I am forever grateful.”
~ Donna T., Williamstown, NJ

“Janet is a truly magnificent Lightworker with so many amazing gifts and talents. I feel more uplifted and lighter every day. She helped me allow myself to be filled with Creator’s unconditional Love, and hold no space for negativity to enter. That has been monumental for me. I’m really excited about our new creation, The Centre for Vibrant Living…How amazing that that was just a dream when we started working together!~ Doreen Moore, Co-Founder TCVL, Healer, Nutritional Coach, Hockessin

“What an amazing day! Thanks to what I’ve learned from you, I’ve taken things in stride today that I would typically blame myself for and even carved out time to paint my nails, dance like no one was watching and release my thoughts to nature. I needed to share this because it is too amazing for me to keep. I sat outside near my favorite tree and began to just let thoughts flow and realized how powerful listening can be. My first thoughts were basic I love crafts, sunshine, etc-all the way to “the Universe figures itself out…do not control it…enjoy it!” What you have always said! Thank you Janet, for being such a special Light in my life.” ~ Jill McGinley-Brett, OTR, Sewell, NJ

“Working with Janet was the most magical and energizing experience of my life!  I’m thrilled to be on this path and want to continue opening and releasing and accepting my gifts. I am in awe over the power of energy, how much of it I felt and how in-line her “noticings” about me were.”
~ With an open heart, Kristina R.

“Learning to forgive myself and letting go of anger and hatred in my work with Janet has been profound. I literally have felt the constriction around my heart release as my beliefs released.”
~ L.S., RN, Glassboro, NJ

“I feel like the confusion and fog in my head is gone. I am learning to trust myself. I have a clearer picture of my purpose here. Not just to be a lightworker, but to help my daughter on her Divine Path, Thank you!”
~ Audrey Filardi, Owner of Full Circle Wellness, Massage Therapist, Hammonton, NJ

“Janet, you have done amazing things for me. You not only healed my energy field but helped me learn to heal myself, which is an invaluable gift. May you be blessed forever.” ~ Y.M.G., ThetaHealer®, NJ

“Thank you so much for your help connecting with the angels and the other side. Thank you for showing me that healing in its true form is pure and completely without ego…unadulterated love. Miracles do happen!”~ Kathi, Reiki Master/Teacher, PA

“Janet, words can’t explain how much working with you has meant to me. I still don’t have the words, but my overall feeling is that a huge weight has been lifted from my life. I really know why people say that now. Simply, thank you for sharing your gifts and insight.” ~ Jessica D., Philadelphia, PA

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