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Let Go of Fear!

Posted on: April 4th, 2016 by Janet Hensenne-Rosiak

“Fear destroys more dreams than failure ever could.”

Awakening the Magic

Wow. Powerful words. And so very true.

Fear comes in many different forms, some obvious like fear of failure, disappointing someone, looking foolish or stupid…you know the ones I’m talking about.

Fear is an absolute killer.

Of actions, hopes, dreams, and sometimes ~ of life itself.

Fear is stored at an energetic level in the body and can create everything from headaches, pain, indigestion and insomnia to very serious, life-threatening dis-eases & disorders. Or how about simply keeping you stuck in a bad relationship, living a “small” life, continuing to ignore the messages your soul is sending you, staying unfulfilled when you know there is more to your true purpose…more that you want to both give & receive. Ha.

No “simply” to that.

Funny that something that is not even real can have such an impact on our lives.

Not real? Yep. That’s what I said. Not real.

Fear is an illusion, based on assumptions, often about what other people will think, how they will react, what will happen, etc. etc. etc…. (and you know the old saying about assuming!)

F = False E = Evidence A = Appearing R = Real

How does that make you feel?

Hmmmmmm…tuck that away in your mind & heart.

(your Spirit already knows this…its the human part that forgets)

Make no mistake, there is Big Truth in those words.

LGoF 2

* What if you could access those fears, both conscious & unconscious, known and denied and release them & heal what is beneath them?

* What if it was possible to replace your fear-based beliefs and programs that are keeping you stuck in the old way of struggle, with empowering, life enhancing, joy building ones?

* What if you could bring in vibrational patterns that gives you the ability to “know what it feels like, that it’s safe & possible and you absolutely CAN live without the fear that __________ is true”

Let Go of Fear!3

It’s more than possible.

It’s not even hard.

ThetaHealing® technique teaches you the way to do this with ease & grace.

 One of the reasons I love teaching ThetaHealing® is this.

To live without fear, able to experience your highest, best life…

To be who you truly are with joy & no apology…

If YOU want this…Just say YES!!!

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