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Evolution, Epigenetics & Spirit

Posted on: August 10th, 2013 by Janet Hensenne-Rosiak


We are Changing.
In Every Single Moment.
What an awesome opportunity…

Do you feel that?
Do you know it in your very cells??

If you don’t, then it may be time to pay closer attention to your cells!
Or your spirit…because it’s your spirit who is really driving this train.

Your spirit is where all of the answers always are.
We are in a constant state of evolution.

Oh, you thought we were finished? Really?? You know in your heart that each of us is a beautiful, glorious work in process…a sculpture whose magnificence has only begun to show.

Epigenetics is a relatively new area of scientific study (although the premise has been around since Aristotle) and states that the conventional belief that our physical state is created solely by our genetic make-up is just not true. Epigenetics is defined as “the study of inherited changes in phenotype (appearance) or gene expression caused by mechanisms other than changes in the underlying DNA sequence.” What does that mean? It means that we are no longer able to claim that we are at the mercy of our genes! In fact, whether or not and how a gene is expressed depends on many things, including lifestyle and how we think and feel. And it’s even heritable…uh-huh. Gets passed on down the line. Wow.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD is an internationally recognized cell biologist, researcher and author of “The Biology of Belief” and “Spontaneous Evolution.” (If you have not read “The Biology of Belief,” run, don’t walk to your nearest bookstore or library and expand your mind!) Lipton’s research placed identical healthy stem cells (same DNA) in petri dishes in different environments and found the cells in positive environments grew healthy and the stem cells in the negative environments did not do well.

Here is some fascinating information for the brain…(because even though the heart & spirit say yes, that brain often says, whaaaat?)

Our personal blood chemistry is created by our nervous system. When the nervous system is experiencing stress in any way, stress hormones and brain chemicals are produced that can create all kinds of physical, mental and emotional issues. When we experience positive emotions, our brain chemistry is entirely different, supporting health, balance and joy. What creates emotion? Our beliefs, thoughts, perceptions and expectations.

So the big message is…get ready for it…

We are powerful beyond our wildest imagination.
We are the ones in charge of what we create within our bodies and lives.
Yes. The power is within us. (It always has been, is and always will be.)
By becoming conscious of the thoughts, beliefs and emotions we choose in every moment, we can create the environment we want for our cells and lives to thrive.

Magic & miracles? Easy-peezy.

But, you say…what is the problem? Why is this not so easy???
Wouldn’t we all just do this if we could?

Well, as many of you know…it’s the subconscious mind that often wreaks the havoc.
Duel beliefs often exist side by side. Wonderful, positive ones right next to nasty, limiting, self-sabotaging ones. Or beliefs from our past, childhood, society, etc. that we have accepted without realizing that we never actually decided that we agreed with them (yikes!), and then went about our lives creating a life that completely supported those negative beliefs. How did that happen? Because that’s the “my truth” template that was sent out to the universe.

What if these patterns have been there for decades? No worries! They can be reprogrammed.

There are many ways to find and change beliefs (both conscious and unconscious) ~ ThetaHealing® for example, is a system that is profoundly effective, not to mention lightening fast. At its core, the “magical,” often instantaneous shifts come from the fact that you are working from the place of “All That Is,” using unconditional love to do the work.

What else can you do to “Step Into Spirit” each day, so that the way that you perceive and respond to your world is one that supports joy and well-being?

1. When you wake up in the morning, take a few moments…breathe.
Then thank God/Goddess/All That Is for the many blessings in your life (commit to this…you are blessed just to be alive…find at least things that you appreciate – there’s no upper limit!)

* As you state each one, go slowly and really feel the appreciation in every cell of your body. The FEELING is where the juice is! Give your being a NEW template for joy!

* Thank the Universe for bringing more of this feeling into your life and helping you to notice when you say or think something that does not resonate with that feeling, and to remember that you have the power to choose differently. Saying “thank you” instead of “asking” tells All That Is that you see it as already done. There is no doubt that this will happen!

2. If/when you begin to experience a negative emotion, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Move your consciousness from your brain downward, into your heart center. Look at what is going on from that place and ask to be shown the highest truth…a better way. Allow a few quiet moments to receive the answer.

3. Get a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. Go to a peaceful place, preferably in nature.
Write down: “What I believe about…”
Myself “I am…”
The world is…
People are…
Joy… (you can add to or create your own list ~ you get the idea!)
Write quickly, allowing the answers to flow through you not from you.

Then look at what you have written and gently ponder where those beliefs come from…
Where/who did you learn them from?
Do you want to keep or change them?

If it is to change them, simply be aware of that choice. Shining a light on what is truly “ours” vs. what we have unconsciously accepted as true, can shift everything. Notice opportunities that will come to you soon after, to make the new choice!

What message are you sending to your genes today???!
Make it the one your spirit chooses.

Spirit is always whispering in your ear ~
The “evolution” is really just remembering who you truly are…Light, Love & Joy…You are the Magic.


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