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The Magic of The New Moon…

This Thursday, April 7th there will be a Super New Moon in the sign of Aries. What does that mean for you? This year is about realigning with our true selves, resetting internally so that we are able to make… Read More »


FREEDOM…   What does that word mean to you?   Funny, when I started typing this I made a mistake.  (ha! No coincidences. )   I intended to write “Freedom to me…” and instead wrote “Freedom to be” ~ hmmm….… Read More »

Opening The Doorway…

TO POSSIBILITY. What do YOU believe is possible? Everything. Including magic and miracles. That is the simple and true answer. Is it your answer? And if not, would you like it to be? The only thing standing between your ability… Read More »

Love Is The Answer

Love is the answer. To what you might ask? To everything. I just completed a 3 month Private Program with a beautiful, sparkly spirit named Jill not too long ago, and one of the things she wrote at the end… Read More »


Protection… What’s that all about? Many Healers, Intuitives, Light-workers and people who have read any self-help book or watched Oprah (that’s pretty much every body right?!) often talk about the need to “protect” themselves or others. Some protect against picking… Read More »

Evolution, Epigenetics & Spirit

We are Changing. In Every Single Moment. What an awesome opportunity… Do you feel that? Do you know it in your very cells?? If you don’t, then it may be time to pay closer attention to your cells! Or your… Read More »

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