BasicDNA ThetaHealing


BasicDNA ThetaHealing®

Certification Course

Dates:  November 12-14, 2021


This Class Will:

* Supercharge Your Personal Transformation

* Deepen Your Spiritual Connection to All That Is

* Teach You How to Live Your Highest, Brightest Soul Purpose

* Open & Expand Your Innate, Intuitive Abilities to Create Profound, Lasting Change for Yourself and Others!

Become a Certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner in Just 3 Days.


~ This course is absolutely for you if you want to be able to:

* Witness Instantaneous Healing of pain & dis-ease at the DNA level, so you can experience more Joy and Abundance in all areas of your Life.

* Let Go of struggle, self-doubt & frustration ~ Awaken your ability to Create an Authentic, Purpose-filled, Soul-driven life of Ease & Grace.                    

 * Quickly & easily find Bottom Beliefs and witness Lasting Change at the ROOT of longstanding issues (relationships, career, health, wealth & more).

 * Connect more deeply with the Divine & Awaken your own Intuitive Gifts, so that you stop feeling uncertain & unsafe, and manifest from a Confident, Worthy Place of Unlimited Possibility.

 *Identify Life-Long Programs (even unconscious & genetic) that have been standing in your way, sabotaging you, keeping you small and Change Them Fast…  allowing you to Claim Your Power to be ALL that you really are.

 * Release Resentment, Guilt & Fears (“not enough”, undeserving, failing, disappointing self/others…) so you are free to become more Visible ~ more “You.”

 *Access Clarity & Divine Guidance connecting with Realms beyond the physical, so that you can Access Doorways to Transformation.

* Supercharge your Ability to Impact the World.


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~ (Future & Present) Healers, wouldn’t you like to…

* Facilitate deep, fast & lasting changes in your own and others’ lives across areas ~ self-love, health, wealth, relationships, businesses & more…

* Quickly get to the true “Bottom” of physical, mental, emotional &/or spiritual issues that have been hidden from the conscious mind…

* Change Limiting Beliefs & Vibrational Programs across time & space…

* Access and Facilitate Change at the DNA Level… 

* Break through resistance to Living with Joy & Divine Purpose…

* Transcend the limitations of ego & the earth plane, operating from a higher vibrational and brain-wave state, Co-Creating with All That Is.

* Have a tool that you trust completely to quickly Release any Blocks/Resistance that shows up as you move into each higher level of your soul’s service, even in these times of expansion…

* Witness True Miracles.

...It’s time.

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During the BasicDNA ThetaHealing® 3-Day Class…

You will learn:

The Origin of ThetaHealing® ~The Power of Connecting to the Creator of All That Is.

The 7 Planes of Existence ~ what they are & why they matter

The art of muscle testing to uncover & change Beliefs/Programs at the subconscious level

How to open your Intuitive Channels and easily access & maintain the Theta Brainwave State needed to witness Transformation

The simple process of “going up” to 7th Plane/Creator of All That Is, where change happens and all things are possible


 Through hands-on experience you’ll discover how to:

* Scan & heal the body at physical, mental, emotional & spiritual levels.

* Witness immediate, profound, lasting healing and change.

* Practice digging for “bottom beliefs” so that transformation doesn’t take a lifetime.

Remove beliefs/programs & vibrational patterns that have been keeping you or your clients stuck at Core, Genetic, History, Soul, Cellular & DNA levels.

Identify & release the dis-ease creating energies of Fear & Resentment.

* Download Positive Emotional States so you are able to experience them fully in life.

* Activate the 12 Strand DNA & Awaken the Youth & Vitality Chromosome 

* Change DNA programs. (including those of disease & aging)

* Connect with Angels, Guides, Soul Mates & Soul Families.

* Retrieve & Release Soul Fragments.

* Release toxic energy states, balance mood and remove radiation from the body.

Access information for Future Readings and Divine Guidance.

* Manifest powerfully, quickly and without limitation.

*and much more…


 ~ This course is Highly Experiential,  fascinating and profoundly Life-Changing!!!

 At the end of these 3 days, you will be a Certified ThetaHealer®,

able to work with people both personally and professionally.


* Registration Includes: 

“ThetaHealing” e-Book by Vianna Stibel, BasicDNA ThetaHealing® Practitioner e-Manual, Certificate & Website Listing.

*Class will be conducted via Zoom. Link will be provided prior to class start date.


 * Investment : $525.

NOTE:  $125 Deposit is Non-Refundable. * Cancellation < 24 hrs. prior to class start will result in tuition able to be applied to future class, but not refunded.

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 * What if You Could Live the Life You’ve Only Dreamt Of…



Are you ready to really dive in?!

To leap into the next version of a

Bigger, Brighter You?!!

BasicDNA & Advanced: $980.00 ($100 scholarship!) 

* Must be paid in full at time of registration.

* Classes do not have to be taken within the same month.

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~ Call to Ask About Partial Scholarship when taking 3 or 4 classes! 🙂

~ Registration may also be done by mail – Send check or money order to Janet Hensenne-Rosiak

9 Killington Ct., Erial, NJ 08081

(include name, phone and class specifics)



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~  What previous students have to say…
“ThetaHealing awakened a Love and Joy for Life. I really know I am connecting with God. It’s made a huge difference in my attitude and my life. A key turning point for me was the Gene Work. I felt a shift in myself to “I am Joyful and that is my natural state.” wow! I’m so excited to share TH with others and to keep working on myself.”  ~ S.T., Intuitive/Healer
“This class was life changing.  Being able to feel changes happening was just amazing.” K. Scott
“ThetaHealing is probably the most empowering process I’ve ever learned. The healing comes quickly & joyfully, fully & completely. Janet is not only a talented, fun & compassionate teacher; she is a wonderfully gifted healer. She truly shines a light in the dark places & helps you find your way to healing on all levels.” ~ E. Simpkins, RN, Reiki Master
“The practice exercises were excellent and gave me experience and confidence in practicing ThetaHealing.” ~ P.Gadesaud, M.D.
“The ThetaHealing class was wonderful! The material was presented in such an easy way to understand. I loved your playfulness, joy, ease and love for life. I feel so empowered by this technique. The sky’s the limit on everything that Theta can be used on. It was great to discover things that I needed to know about myself & my beliefs. Thank you for brightening my mind, my heart & life with this great class!” ~ J.W.
“I just completed the beginner class with Janet. I loved it and I am eager to take the advanced class shortly.  She was an excellent teacher; it is evident that she is a Master at this work. I had a personal session with her prior to the class and it was incredibly powerful.  Sometimes it can be challenging to learn so much information at one time, but I always felt safe and very comfortable. Janet provided step by step instructions. She made the information easy to understand. I’m so impressed with this technique! I’m so grateful that I was under Janet’s care.” ~K.N., MA, CH, CBT
For More Information on ThetaHealing®:

Email Janet at


Janet Hensenne-Rosiak
Janet is a Certified Advanced ThetaHealing® Instructor, gifted healer, spiritual medium, angelic channel & inspirational mentor/coach.
Her greatest joy is assisting individuals in remembering who they really are, understanding their unique design and purpose, and knowing that Magic & Divine Light exists within each and every one of us. She teaches them that healing comes from within and that everyone has the power to create miraculous changes in their lives, manifesting all that they dream & desire.  Janet’s clients and students come from all walks of life, spanning the globe from New Jersey, her home base, all the way to Dubai – all with one intention – to find their way to a fulfilling, abundant & joyful life where Magic and Miracles are Real.
Her private practice, Awakening the Magic, is located in Erial NJ, where she also lives with great joy and gratitude with her Prince Charming, Michael and their 3 furry “kids,” Gandalf, Gwenhwyfar & Aurora.