Advanced DNA ThetaHealing®




Advanced ThetaHealing®

Certification Course

(Prerequisite: Basic DNA ThetaHealing®) 

November 9-11, 2021


Are You Ready?…

~ To Take Your Divine Consciousness to Its Highest Level?

~To Increase Your Theta Healing Skills & Results Exponentially?

~ To Expand Your Intuitive Abilities & Deepen Your Connection to The 7th Plane so You Can Witness Deeper, Faster Change Effortlessly?

~ To Eliminate Self-Doubt & Increase Your Confidence as a ThetaHealer® & Powerful Co-Creator?

~ To Experience Profound Personal Healing & Transformation that Allows You to Experience More Joy, Peace, Love & Unlimited Abundance in All Areas?

~ To Change More Lives?


 This Course is Highly Experiential & Fun!



~ Imagine What It Will Be Like To ~

* Receive Hundreds of Powerful, Life-Altering Downloads that free you from Negativity & Doubt and Move You into More of Who You Really Are.

* Let Go of Unconscious, Genetic, Core & Soul Programs that have blocked you in the past and Create New Programs so that your Life & Business Can Soar.

* Awaken New Emotional States (Love, Joy, Freedom, Ease, Worthiness…) at the DNA Level, attracting new Experiences and Deeply Transforming Your Life.

* Be Released from Soul Level Vows, Commitments & Oaths so that you are Free to Be Your True Authentic Self and Share Your Gifts Fully with the world as you open to More Abundance in all areas of your life.

* Say “Yes!” to Profound Healing & Enlightenment as you learn to see yourself from 7th Plane perspective ~ to Appreciate the Now, and to truly Love & Accept yourself, exactly as you are.  (and imagine what that will mean to every area of your life!)

* Experience Joy & Confidence as you Strengthen and Deepen your Ability to Connect with 7th Plane/Creator, All That Is and learn the Secrets of each Plane of Existence.

* Increase your ThetaHealing® Skills exponentially, watch your clients SHINE & discover how doing your joyful soul’s work can bring you Limitless Possibilities.

* Dig out “Bottom Beliefs” even faster so that you can be ALL that you truly are and live a Happy, Purpose-filled, Abundant life Now.



During These 3 Amazing Days You Will:

~ Expand your Knowing at the deepest level of what is Possible & create astounding shifts in Consciousness.

~ Learn additional ways to Reach 7th Plane & the ThetaBrainwave State.

~ Become Confident you are working from The 7th Plane.  (and how to know if you’re not, and what to do to change it instantly!)

~ Expand Your Intuitive Abilities to Witness Instantaneous Miracles.

~ Explore the 7 Planes of Existence in-depth & understand how to access and utilize the Specific Healing and Manifesting Powers of each from 7th Plane.

~ Discover how to Incorporate 7th Plane Consciousness in your daily life & business.

~ Learn how to Speed Up, Slow Down & Bend Time!…and more.



Learn & Practice Powerful Advanced Techniques

that Lift Your Vibration & Supercharge Your Skills and Results:

~ Advanced “Digging” to Find & Transform Beliefs More Quickly

~ Advanced Feelings Work – Creating & Downloading Emotions

~ Releasing the 3 R’s: Rejection, Resentment & Regret

~ Clearing and Programming Inanimate, Non-Organic Objects (land, buildings, etc.)

 ~ Releasing & Healing Free-Floating Memories (stored unconsciously trauma)

~ Learn “How to Live Without…” Negative Feelings & Programs

~ “Healing the Broken Soul” Technique

~ Transformational Fear Work

~ Remote and Group Healing

~ Sending love to “Baby in the Womb” Technique


Have Fun as We Practice…


~ Exploring the Planes by Talking with Plants & Crystals

~ Giving  Ancestral Readings

~ Remembering the Future in order to change it

~ Communicating with Our Higher Selves

~ and More!


  Advanced ThetaHealing®

Certification Course

(*Prerequisite: BasicDNA ThetaHealing®)

Dates: November 9-11, 2021



* At the end of these 3 days, you will be certified as an

Advanced ThetaHealer®

Qualified to bring even more Light & Transformation
to yourself, loved ones, clients… and the Planet!

 ~ Spaces are Limited to 20, so Register Now to Confirm Your Place…

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to Soar!

* Registration Includes:

“Advanced ThetaHealing” e-Book by Vianna Stibel,

Advanced ThetaHealing® Practitioner e-Manual,

Certificate & Website Listing.

* Investment:

$525 ~ Register Now ~ Spaces are Limited. 

NOTE:  $125 Deposit is Non-Refundable. (can be mailed – see address below) * Cancellation < 24 hrs. prior to class start will result in tuition able to be applied to future class, but not refunded.




Are you ready to really dive in?!

To leap into the next version of a Bigger, Brighter You?!!

BasicDNA & Advanced: $980.00 ($100 Scholarship!)

* Must be paid in full at time of registration.
* Classes do not have to be taken within the same month.


~ Registration may also be done by mailing check/money order to Janet Hensenne-Rosiak

9 Killington Ct., Erial, NJ 08081

(* please note course name & phone number)



 ~ What previous students have to say…

Digging“The Advanced class was great! You clearly communicated the information, allowed lots of time for practice & answered all of our crazy questions! Of course, being good at “bending time” was probably useful, but you managed it effortlessly. The thing I was most impressed with was your ability to be 100% present and 1000% non-judgmental. I love the new things I learned ~ 3 R’s, Ancestral releases, being in Theta confidently, communicating clearly with my Higher Self, releasing Free Floating Memories, Visiting a Law, etc. Thank you so much!” ~ C. K., ATP®

“I wanted to thank you again for the light, strength & gifts you helped awaken in me. I send you love.” ~ Jacqueline W., Holistic Healer

“I just wanted to say that I am so GRATEFUL for this past weekend. I truly feel that I am changed forever.” ~ T.C., ThetaHealer®, Intuitive

“Ok, now you have completely blown me away with the theta! I get it now. This is the new energy and there are no limits! (& no limiting beliefs…)” ~ Kim V.W., ThetaHealer®


For More Information on ThetaHealing®:

Email Janet at

Janet Hensenne-Rosiak is a Certified Advanced ThetaHealing® Instructor, gifted healer, psychic medium, angelic channel & spiritual mentor/teacher, founder of Awakening The Magic.  

Her greatest joy is assisting individuals to remember who they really are, awaken their unique gifts and purpose, and truly know that Magic & Divine Light exists within each and every one of us. She teaches that healing comes from within and that everyone has the power to create miraculous changes in their lives, manifesting all that they dream & desire.  

Janet’s clients and students come from all walks of life, spanning the globe from New Jersey, her home base, all the way to Dubai and Japan- all with one intention – to find their way to a purpose-filled, abundant & joyful life where Magic and Miracles Are Real.💜

Her private practice, Awakening the Magic, is located in Erial NJ, where she also lives with great joy and gratitude with her Prince Charming, Michael and their 3 furry “kids,” Gandalf, Gwenhwyfar & Aurora.